The 52nd annual meeting of the JSDB by Tzu-Chuen Lin

Tzu-Chuen, Lin
(Dept. of Anat. & Cell Biol., NTU, Taipei, Taiwan)
52th annual meeting of Japanese Society of Developmental Biology (JSDB) is scheduled to hold in Osaka International House through May 14-17, 2019. The place it held was very kindly for scholars to have chances to choose other living places in Osaka, because it is close to two stations, Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka station and Kintetsu Railway Osaka Uehommachi station. JSDB cooperates with Asia-Pacific Developmental Biology Network (APDBN), so there are many Asia-Pacific Areas experts, scholars, or students in this area of developmental biology participating in the meeting. Apart from Asia, lots of scholars from all around the world such as the united states, Canada, and Europe also have academic publications.
I am now a graduate student from graduate institute of anatomy and cell biology, National Taiwan University. This time, I took part in the poster presentation. The topic of my poster is about the expression patterns of neuronal intermediate filament α-internexin in the developing pineal gland of Hoplobatrachus rugulosus. The result of our study showed that photoreceptor marker, recoverin and XAP1, could be observed in the development of both retina and pineal gland of frog. The expression of recoverin decreased slightly following the developmental pineal gland, while the expression of XAP1 increased a little from our observations. Whereas, the α-internexin-like protein, ina.S and nif.S, could be detected only in few photoreceptor-like cells at the early stage pineal gland. In conclusion, we suggested that XAP1 is a good marker for studying the photoreceptor cells in the developing pineal gland of frog.
This May, I participated in the 52th annual symposium held by JSDB in Osaka and it is quite different from other meetings I have joined in Taiwan. It is also my first time to go abroad to take part in an international meeting. It really means to me. Through this event, I learned a lot from many outstanding scholars who work hard in various developmental fields all over the world and this widened my views. Finally, I really appreciate that JSDB can keep using APDBN as the platform continuously invited scholars from related fields in Taiwan or even worldwide to participate in the annual meeting in Japan. It will make a significant contribution to the long-term development of academic exchange between Taiwan and Japan.