The 52nd annual meeting of the JSDB by Li Zhuojie

Li Zhuojie
(Tongji University)
I were very honored to participate in the 52nd JSDB which was held in Osaka on May 14th.
I listened to the wonderful speeches of every teacher and student, not only learned a wealth of academic knowledge, broadened my horizons, but also let me know the gaps and deficiencies in my research work.
Under the careful arrangement of the organizers of the conference, we not only listened carefully to the wonderful speeches of the reporters. At the same time, we also presented our research progress in the form of posters, and conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions. Through various forms of sharing and communication, I have learned the cutting-edge progress in this field of research and the future direction. Many scientific researchers has provided their new scientific ideas and experimental methods, opening a new door for my future research work.
Finally, I would like to appreciate JSDB for providing us with a good chance and providing fellowship for me.